If you didn’t know by now I laugh a lot. Emphasis on a LOT. It’s how I stay free and journey through every season. Right about now, I’m probably somewhere cackling at something that other people don’t find funny. Now that we’ve got that out of the way….

A little bit about me…

I gave my life to Jesus at 9 years old without fully understanding what that meant. Although my parents are pastors and I am well versed in church culture, there was always this one part of me that felt undefined. Leading worship was cool until I started speaking. Being behind a keyboard every Sunday was dope until I could no longer keep my mouth shut.   

When I turned 18, even though I knew the way…I decided to go my own way and that way brought my life to ruins. I was rebellious and very zealous in my pursuit of what I felt like was right according to my own standards. Little did I know that this was actually a spiritual discipline and skill as a prophet of God that was perverted because of unhealed childhood trauma, unforgiveness, bitter root judgements, and rejection. And I knew I had a decision to make. If I really wanted to be free In God and effective in the Kingdom then I had to make a decision to be free and completely surrender my life and heart to Jesus.

After walking through my own mental health journey, life after divorce, healing from domestic violence and childhood trauma, I decided to use my creative gifts in hopes to help others with a similar journey feel heard and seen. 

In 2016, I met my husband Brian and together we made a handsome, intellectual, and wild replication of me. After our son was born I knew I needed a career change because if I’m honest, you don’t make a ton of money as a singer and even though my husband had a full time job with benefits we barely made enough to support ourselves.  

As a mom my favorite time to pray is nap time. The house is quiet and the “Mommy, can I get some fruit snacks?” is on pause for a bit. *insert praise break here* 

I left out of that time of prayer with the clarity, vision, and direction needed to launch my first business Gracefully Designed Co. September 21st, 2017 and closed the doors to that officially as of January 31st of 2021.  Three weeks later I built and launched my 12-week intensive program and membership community for women where I help them break barriers through inner-healing and deliverance.  

I’m a native of Virginia, wife, a full-time stay at home mom of two, published author, certified life coach, and spiritual alignment strategist. 

On any average day you can catch me drinking a peach green tea lemonade, chasing after my boys, causing good trouble, hanging out in Target, and somewhere building my next idea to help others break out of cycles and come into the fullness of everything that God called them to be.

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